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kat deluna feat. lil wayne - put it on (2009) 3:20 kat deluna feat. lil wayne - put it on (2009) 3:20 kat deluna feat. lil wayne - put it on (2009).mp3
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DOU-GI~1 3:38     

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Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac - 04 Somebody's Me[ www.Persian.mp3Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac - 07 Miss You[ www.PersianOne.c.mp3Enrique Iglesias - Tu Y Yo (Full & Shout).mp3Enrique Iglesias feat. Sarah Connor - Takin Back My Love [ 192 ].mp3Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac - 03 Do You Know (The Ping Pong.mp3Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac - 02 Push (Feat. Lil' Wayne)[ w.mp3Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac - 04 Somebody's Me[ www.Persian.mp3
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06-dj_aligator-countdown_(morfeen_mix)-(www.Bia2Music.Com)4 .mp305-dj_aligator-countdown_(trance_late_mix)-(www.Bia2Music.Com) 3.mp3
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Lesson 1

A.Be:am,is,are      A1.Be has three forms in the simple present tense :I am,is and are.        I am a teacher.   You are a student  he is tirded   we are brothers   They are at the library    After be we can ues nouns ,adjectives, or adverbs (time and place).     Ali is a lawyer.   Sara is intelligent.      Reze is at the office.    Exercise1.Use am, is or are.   My name isMina 18 year old. I from a village in the northern part of Iran. My father a farmer and my mother a housewife.I have two brother and a sister. My brothers in hih school. My sister in junior school. We a happy family.   A2.Questions with be: The book is here. (statement)  Is the book here? (question) The students are is the yard. Are the students in the yard? I am on time. Am I on time?  Exercise 2. Change into questions.    1.We are in class.   2.Iran and japan are in Asia.   3.Her parents are at work.    4.Amin is married.    5.His name is Mr Damavandi.     6.I am quite busy today.   7.You are an engineer.   8.The students are in the classroom.    9.Greece is in Europe.     10.Sima is clever.     A3.Negatives with be:      Ali is not (isn`t) a university student. He is a mechanic.    The boys are not(aren`t)Lazy.They are active.    I am not(I am not) a teacher.I`m a student.     Exercise3. Make negative like the example.       Iran is in Europe.    Iran isn`t in Europe.It`s in Asia.     1.The sun is cold.(hot)    2.The earth is flat.(round)      3.Milk is black.(white)    4.We are in a German class.(English)   5.I am a teacher.(student)    6.Reza and Ali are hungry.(full)    7.They are from Spain.(Iran)    8.The students are lazy.(active)    9.Spain is in Africa.(Europe)   10.The tea is weak.(strong)  11.Ali is tall.(short)   12.Asia is small.(large)   A4.Short and full answers.Is it a newspaper?    Yas,it is.    Yas,it is a newspaper.    Are they angry?   No, they aren`t.    No`they aren`t angry.     Exercise4.Give negative answers like the example.   Is Ail a teacher?(student)   No,he isn`t.Heis a student.    1.Is Reza short?(tall)    2.Is Parvin in grade1?(grade2)    3.Are you old?(voung)   4.Are Ali and Amir wrong?(right)   5.Am I late?(early)    6.Is the shop open?(closed)  7.Are you married?(single)   8.Is the tree tall?(short)   9.Is the room large?(small)   B.Subject Pronouns      Pronouns are used in place of noun phrases to avoid repetition.    Mehdi is from Tabriz.   Minoo is an artist.     Are Ali and Amin here?    Are the banks closed?    Is the book useful?    Are you and I students?    He is a dentist.  She is from kerman.    No,they aren`t. No,they are open.   Yes,it is.      Yes,we are.  

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Jenifer Lopez - What Is Love[1].mp3 
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Psycho Meda - Crash.mp3
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